Pupil Accommodation Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Question: Who decides whether schools close?
The responsibility is completely within the school board's jurisdiction to make decisions about pupil accommodations, including school closures.

Community members are encouraged to communicate their ideas and concerns to their school board in order to have a say in local processes and issues. It is important for the health of local democracy that school boards work with their communities.

2. Question: Can the Ministry of Education overturn a school closure decision?
No, the Ministry of Education has no legislative mandate to overturn a school board decision regarding a school closure or to control the decisions of the democratically elected trustees of the school board.

3. Question: What can I do if I believe my school board has not properly followed their pupil accommodation review process?
If the community believes that the school board did not properly follow its pupil accommodation review process they have the option of requesting an administrative review of the completed process.

Based on a review of the petition done by Ministry of Education staff, if the petition meets the criteria set out in the Pupil Accommodation Review Guideline, then a facilitator will be appointed.

It is important to note that the administrative review process is intended to determine whether an accommodation review process was undertaken in a manner consistent with the school board's locally developed policy. The facilitator does not examine the merits of the final decision.

Only school boards have the authority to make or change their decisions or their policies. The Ministry of Education does not overturn decisions made by elected trustees.

4. Question: Who can sign a petition for an Administrative Review?
Any participant in the accommodation review process can sign a petition. This includes accommodation review committee members, people who made presentations to the accommodation review committee or people who attended a public meeting and signed the sign-in sheet. More than one family member can sign the same petition.

5. Question: If I don't submit my Administrative Review request using the template format, do I reduce my chances of getting my request approved?
The likelihood of getting your Administrative Review request approved is not dependent on the format of your letter. You can use any style of letter.

Administrative Review approval decisions are based on the requirements outlined in the Administrative Review document, including the school board's verification that the people who signed the petition participated in the process or are parents of students at the school.