How are you helping my child?



Elementary and Secondary

  • Education and Career/Life Planning Program: Helping students develop education and career/life planning skills
    Students develop the knowledge and skills they need to make informed choices for their education, career and life outside school. They get a chance to learn more about themselves and their opportunities, set goals and make plans to achieve them. This program helps students choose the courses and activities that support their goals and interests. Students in all grades participate in the program and parent involvement is encouraged.
  • Financial Literacy
    Helping students make informed financial decisions
  • French in English-Language Schools
    Developing French-language knowledge and skills
  • Refreshing the Curriculum
    The ministry is proposing to refresh the curriculum and increase the focus on transferable skills, which will better prepare Ontario students for the future. (PDF, 1.04 MB)
  • Improving Career Studies in Ontario
    In May 2017, the Ministry of Education began a series of provincewide engagements asking how to improve the Career Studies Course. This is what we heard.
  • Special Education
    Special education programs and services for students with special needs