A Safe and Welcoming School Environment

Ontario schools should be a place where everyone – children, students, staff, parents and the community – feels welcome, safe and respected. A safe, inclusive and accepting school environment is essential for student well-being and achievement.

To foster and maintain an environment needed for children and students to succeed, the ministry's work related to Safe and Accepting Schools includes a number of resources and supports:

Resources for Parents and Families

Resources for School Boards and Schools

Urban and Priority High Schools Program

Premier's Awards for Accepting Schools

Resources for Parents and Families

Find information about Ontario's approach to discipline, information on bullying prevention and healthy relationships.

Resources for School Boards and Schools

Promoting Positive School Climates – policies and resources for school boards to help keep students, parents, staff and community members feeling safe and accepted at school.

Promoting School and Community Safety – policies for school boards to help keep students safe in school and in the community.

Bullying Prevention and Intervention – strategies designed to prevent and address incidents of bullying at school and to foster a positive learning environment.

Progressive Discipline – strategies to promote positive student behaviours and address inappropriate behaviours that occur at school, at a school-related activity or in any other circumstances where the student's behaviour has an impact on the school climate.

Suspensions and Expulsions – policies for school boards and Ontario statistics on suspensions and expulsions

Safe and Accepting Schools Policies – Full list of policies school boards must follow.