Parent Involvement Committees

Tips for running effective Parent Involvement Committees (PIC) Meetings

A Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) is an important advisory body to the school board. A PIC is a formal structure and a key vehicle at the board level to enhance parent involvement in support of student achievement and well-being.

These tips will help to ensure effective PIC meetings.

  • Select the meeting dates for the entire year
  • Find a meeting location that is central for all attendees or consider alternative ways for members to participate e.g. teleconferencing
  • Create an agenda for each meeting and circulate it to members in advance
  • Record minutes and keep financial records
  • Inform all participants of the operational procedures of the PIC meetings at the start of the first meeting of the year
  • Facilitate meetings so that all members are given the opportunity to participate

Characteristics of effective PICs

Effective PICs are those that:

  • Keep student achievement and well-being first
  • Focus on the needs and interests of all students
  • Are composed of members who represent the diversity of the board
  • Are actively involved in assisting school councils to engage parents, creating a welcoming environment, and recognizing the diversity of the parents in their school community
  • Promote effective, ongoing communication among all partners in education
  • Establish a positive relationship with the director of education and trustees
  • Provide feedback to parents, letting them know how their advice and ideas have been used
  • Have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities
  • Have a clear and consistent process for decision making and conflict resolution
  • Are familiar with funding opportunities and resources provided by the Parent Engagement Office (PEO) and the Ministry of Education, and with the initiatives of the PEO
  • Maintain high ethical standards

How can I get involved?

Contact your local school board or call the Ministry of Education Regional Office for your area. Either can put you in contact with your local Parent Involvement Committee.