Focusing on the Fundamentals of Math, Grades 1-8

Our government is committed to doing all it can to help Ontario students succeed at math. This is why in August 2018, the ministry released a teacher's guide and a parent fact sheet that highlight some of the key math concepts and skills in the current curriculum.

Ontario's students are struggling to meet provincial math standards. For the past five years, there has been an overall decline in Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) math scores. This is why the government is focusing on math fundamentals. The teacher's guide will provide teachers with the resources they need to move away from Discovery Math, and back to traditional formulas and memorization techniques. The guide will also help Grade 9 and 10 math teachers as they support students moving from elementary to secondary school math courses.

Ontario's focus on the fundamentals of math will help Ontario students achieve higher math results and will better position them for success in daily living and the jobs of tomorrow. It will also help them connect what they are learning in school to real life, and how to solve everyday problems.

By getting back to the basics of fundamental math concepts and skills, Ontario will once again be positioned to be a leader in math education.

What are the fundamentals of math?

Making sure that students have a strong understanding of math fundamentals is one of the best ways to prepare them for success, now and in the future. As students' progress through elementary school, they will develop their ability to think mathematically, learn about different concepts and relationships, and how to apply their knowledge. These concepts include addition, subtraction, division and multiplication, which will help to set the stage for more advanced skills, including algebra, and working with integers and decimals, among others.

Supporting Teachers

  • Hire mathematics facilitators and leads at the District School Board and school levels focused on supporting fundamental mathematics
  • Provide time for educators to participate in training and learning focused on fundamental mathematics

The ministry is also asking school boards to hold a mandatory Professional Activity (PA) day on fundamental math skills before the start of the 2018 December break.

Supporting Parents:

By making math a priority and finding ways to help their children with math at home, parents can help to inspire a love of learning, and in particular, a love of math. Ontario is committed to working with parents, teachers and students to focus on the fundamental concepts and skills of math to help students improve their overall performance in math.

Beginning in September 2018, the Ontario government is embarking on a thorough province-wide consultation to obtain input from parents about their children's education. As part of this consultation, the government is providing a dedicated platform where parents can submit concerns about the curriculum. This consultation will provide parents with the opportunity to have their voices heard about the kind of curriculum their children are taught in school.

In the meantime, parents can visit: For the parents

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