Improving Career Studies in Ontario

Career Studies Course

The Grade 10 Career Studies course is a key contributor to the education and career/life planning program in Ontario’s schools. Creating Pathways to Success (2013) describes the vision of this program that sees students as the architects of their own lives, who will leave secondary school with a clear plan for their initial postsecondary destination and the confidence to implement, adapt or revise that plan.

The Future of Career/Life Planning in the Grade 10 Career Studies Course

The Ministry of Education will use input from the consultations on education reform to better align the revised Career Studies course with the needs of students. Following refinements based on consultation feedback, the Ministry of Education will offer an advance electronic copy of the Career Studies course to facilitate full implementation of the revised course in schools at a later date. The revisions to the Career Studies Course will help to ensure that Ontario’s students are equipped for success, and will be able to compete in a rapidly changing and highly competitive economy.