Capital Investments – Improving Ontario's Schools

Green Schools Pilot Initiative

Ontario is giving kids better places to learn and supporting green energy companies by investing in new energy-efficient learning environments.

In partnership with the Ministry of Research and Innovation, the Ministry of Education is investing over $20 million to pilot a variety of innovative green products and technologies in over 150 Ontario schools and 40 boards through the Green Schools Pilot Initiative. This investment will help local businesses — many of them Ontario-based — showcase their innovative technologies while supporting a greener economy.

This investment supports Ontario's Innovation Agenda and is part of Ontario's efforts to reduce environmental footprints in its publicly funded schools, making them better places for students to learn and succeed in the future. Examples of technologies that will be up and running at schools in fall 2010 include:

  • Electric energy conservation
  • Hybrid electric/thermal energy generation
  • Sewage and water treatment
  • Solar thermal and electric energy generation and conservation
  • Thermal energy generation and conservation
  • Wind energy generation.

Companies participating in the initiative include:

  • Arise Technologies Corp.
  • Brac Systems
  • Cleanfield Energy
  • Conserval Engineering Inc.
  • Encelium Technologies Inc.
  • evandtec Inc. (formerly EnviroTower Inc.)
  • E-time
  • Fifth Light Technology Ltd.
  • Green Turtle Tech
  • International Innovative Systems Inc.
  • Log-One Ltd.
  • Menova Energy Inc.
  • On Power Systems
  • Process Research ORTECH Inc.
  • Power Saving Systems Inc.
  • Purifics ES Inc.
  • REGEN Energy
  • ROMlight Inc.
  • Triacta Power Technologies Inc.
  • Viessmann Manufacturing Company Inc.
  • VR Electronics Co. Ltd.
  • Waterloo Biofilter Systems Inc.

Participating school boards will provide quarterly reports on project performance to the Ministry of Education.
The following innovative green technologies will be installed at more than 150 publicly funded schools: