Fees And Fundraising

Fees And Fundraising

Guideline for School Fundraising

For the first time, the Ministry of Education has released a fundraising guideline to establish a province-wide standard for fundraising in schools.

The fundraising guideline:

  • identifies guiding principles and best practices
  • provides a foundation for school boards to develop or update existing guidelines, policies and procedures
  • gives examples of appropriate and inappropriate practices to protect school board staff and fundraising volunteers when managing fundraising proceeds.

Like all activities that support education, fundraising should reflect the values and expectations of the school community, including those of parents, students, staff and school board trustees.

School boards are required to have an updated fundraising policy that is consistent with the ministry's guideline by September 1, 2012. The new or revised policy will be publicly available on each school board's website.

School Fees Guideline

Every student has the right to attend a publicly funded Ontario school without the payment of fees for learning materials, supplies, activities or textbooks that are needed to graduate.

The Guideline for Fees for Learning Materials and Activities (PDF, 27 KB) helps parents and school boards follow the rules around fees that are found in the Education Act.

All school boards now have school fee policies in place and online.

Corporate Partnership Guideline

A draft Corporate Partnership guideline is currently being finalized.