School Funding – A Guide for Parents

How Does School Funding Support my Child's Education?

How does school funding in Ontario ensure that all students have the opportunity for a high quality education? One that helps them reach their potential in school and life?

The answer to that question is important to everyone – government, taxpayers, school boards and schools, employers and communities, and most of all, parents and students. Education funding, however, is complex. Like many parents, you may have questions about how Ontario schools are funded, how funding decisions are made, and how those decisions support your child's achievement in school. These web pages offer some straightforward answers and you can find even more by downloading our brochure. They were developed as part of our commitment to give parents an informed and active voice in education.

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How are capital investments improving Ontario's publicly funded schools?

The Ontario government is investing in a variety of ways to make schools better places to learn. When students are in good learning environments, they can focus on achievement and getting better outcomes.

Find out how capital investments are improving Ontario's publicly funded schools. Learn more...