Centre Jules-Léger Provincial and Demonstration School

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Transfer of Centre Jules-Léger to the Centre Jules-Léger Consortium

In 2016, the Ministry of Education consulted with its partners in the Franco-Ontarian community to explore ways to provide a range of quality programs and services that best meet the needs of students served by Centre Jules-Léger (CJL).

Through these consultations, we received valuable insight as to how we can improve the current governance structure at Centre Jules-Léger. Specifically, we heard from our Francophone partners that CJL should be run by Francophones, and for Francophones.

As such, the ministry has taken legislative steps to transfer governance of CJL from the Ministry's Provincial and Demonstration Schools Branch (PDSB) to a new consortium of French-language School Boards – the Centre Jules-Léger Consortium (CJLC).

The legislation passed in December 2017 gives the newly formed CJL Consortium the same duties and powers of a French-language district school board, as outlined in the Education Act – except where the unique mandate of the CJL required modifications.

Discussions between the Ministry and the Consortium on the transfer have commenced. The Ministry and CJLC are committed to working closely with the students, their families and the staff to ensure a seamless and successful transfer of governance.

The official transfer is expected to be proclaimed on April 1, 2019. Our priority throughout this process is student achievement, equity and well-being.