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Child Care

Child Care

Learn more about licensed and unlicensed child care in Ontario.

Full-Day Kindergarten

Full-Day Kindergarten

Full-Day Kindergarten for Four- and Five-Year-Olds.

Parent and child


Simple steps to your child's success.

Teacher and student

More Ways to Succeed in High School

How do you help your child graduate? With more ways to succeed.

Parent Information

Parent Information

Important information in many languages.

School Information Finder

Search for any publicly funded school in Ontario and learn more.

Healthy Schools

Healthy children learn better.

Safe and Accepting Schools

A safe learning environment is essential if students are to succeed in school.

Parent Engagement

As parents you play a vital role in the development and education of your children and in their success at school. Learn more about how to get involved.

My Child's Education

What Is My Child Learning?

The Ministry of Education sets curriculum and achievement standards for all publicly funded schools in Ontario.

How Are You Helping My Child?

Learn how every child in Ontario is getting the opportunity to succeed.

How Is My Child's Achievement Assessed?

Information on how your child's achievement is being assessed and evaluated.

Special Education

Information and resources to support students with special needs.

I Need More Help. Whom Do I Contact?

If you need help resolving a problem, contact your local Ministry of Education regional office.

Pupil Accommodation Reviews

Information on how your school board undertakes a pupil accommodation review.

Ontario's Education System

How schools are governed and funded, testing, school boards, school administration....

Fees and Fundraising

Information about school fees and fundraising.

FAQs · Links · Publications · Tips

Find answers to frequently asked questions. Discover quick and easy tips that will help your child's learning.

Ontario Early Years Centres

You can connect with other parents, share your experiences and find out more about parenting and community programs. These centres also have activities for both parents and caregivers and children up to age six.

Parenting and Family Literacy Centres

Be part of your child's learning from an early age, and help prepare your son or daughter for school.

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