Research and Evaluation

The Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat is committed to research and evidence-based inquiry and decision making. The LNS:

  • Analyzes research on the practices that are most effective in improving student achievement in Ontario schools.
  • Ensures that it uses national and international research findings in its work with school boards in areas such as:
    • Student achievement
    • Large-scale change
    • Instructional effectiveness in literacy and numeracy
    • Parental and community involvement
  • Shares best practices with school boards.
  • Engages in a process of ongoing evaluation of the effectiveness of the practices and processes being used by the LNS.

Learn more about some of the LNS's research and evaluation work:

Learning in the Field: The Student Work Study Teacher Initiative, 2009-10 (PDF, 120 KB)
This report summarizes and highlights key areas of student and teacher learning as a result of an inquiry-based professional practice within schools. This report supports principals, school communities and those interested in professional learning and change.

The Ontario Summer Literacy Learning Project 2010 (PDF, 3 MB)
This project examined and determined the effects of a Summer Literacy Learning Program on the reading levels of invited primary students.

OFIP 1/2, 2009-2010: Lessons Learned (PDF, 124 KB)
This report highlights the leadership and instructional practices that schools participating in the 2009-2010 cohort identify as key to their improvement in student learning and achievement.

Unlocking Potential for Learning: Effective District-Wide Strategies to Raise Student Achievement in Literacy and Numeracy
Case studies of Ontario school boards

Ontario Statistical Neighbours: Informing Our Strategy to Improve Student Achievement (PDF, 736 KB)
This innovative tool allows LNS to analyze school data and provide supports to schools and school boards to improve student achievement. OSN was developed in partnership with the ministry's Information Management Branch with input from other partners.

The Impact of the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat: Changes in Ontario's Education System (PDF, 6.26 MB)
This report is a review of LNS initiatives: how they have changed practice and benefited students and educators, and lessons learned that can guide improvement in Ontario's education system.