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LNS Resources … Print, Multimedia and Online

Paying Attention to Fractions (PDF, 904 KB)
You may wish to download these additional support documents to extend your fractions thinking:

Paying Attention to Literacy, K–12 (PDF, 317 KB)
Outlines six foundational principles as a basis for dialogue and collaborative planning for future directions of literacy learning in classrooms, schools and boards.

Paying Attention to Spatial Reasoning (PDF, 1.71 MB)

How to Access LNS Resources (PDF, 927 KB)
A brochure about how to access print, multimedia and online resources from the LNS. You can also order What Works, the Capacity Building Series and Webcasts for Educators (in multimedia packages) from ServiceOntario. Make sure you log in first, using your board or school username and password. Contact

Paying Attention To Algebraic Reasoning (PDF, 1.06 MB)
Paying Attention To Algebraic Reasoning is the second in a series of support documents exploring the foundations for improving mathematics education as outlined in Paying Attention To Mathematics Education published by the Student Achievement Division in 2012. This second support document presents algebraic reasoning as “a gatekeeper for students in their efforts to progress in mathematics and science” leading to more opportunities both in later mathematics learning and in career choices. It explores generalizing arithmetic and functional thinking within the concept of algebraic reasoning across the grades, K to 12, and how educators can become more responsive to student thinking and promote their algebraic reasoning.

Student Achievement Division Fall 2013 Resource Package New resources and online links (PDF, 272 KB)

Fall 2012 Resource Package from the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat
New resources and online links.

Paying Attention to Proportional Reasoning (PDF, 409 KB)
Support Document for Paying Attention to Mathematical Education

Primary Reading Discussion Paper (with Video Clips)
Summarizes the insights and lessons learned by the Ministry of Education's Primary Reading Discussion Group and links to hundreds of short clips designed to support classroom work.

Thinking about Thinking: Setting the Stage for Independent Reading & Becoming an Independent Reader
A multi-media presentation designed to provoke thinking about teaching and learning in the early years. Explores the development of literacy and higher-order thinking, K to 2.

Leaders in Educational Thought
A new video series designed to share international knowledge, change professional practice and improve student learning. Launch issue featuring Michael Fullan, Allan Luke and Lucy West. New issue featuring Avis Glaze, John Hattie and Ken Leithwood.

Paying Attention to Mathematics, K–12 (PDF, 215 KB)
Outlines seven principles identified by the Mathematics Working Group to guide improvements in mathematics teaching and learning in Ontario schools.

A Discussion Tool for Paying Attention to Mathematics Education (PDF, 350 KB)

Paying Attention to Proportional Reasoning, K–12 (PDF, 2.14 MB)

What Works? Research into Practice
Concise research summaries designed to help practitioners put the best evidence-tested ideas into practice at the school and classroom level

Capacity Building Series
Research and practical strategies on key topics for 21st-century educators

Webcasts for Educators
Hour-long webcasts, plus support materials and in-depth video features, provide expert insights on current issues and effective practices for all educators

Inspire: The Journal of Literacy and Numeracy for Ontario
Online home to "New Leader" and other practical articles on successful practices in literacy and numeracy

Resources for Parents

Reading and Writing with Your Child, Kindergarten to Grade 6 – A Parent Guide
Features activities for each of the reading and writing milestones and links to fun things to do at TVO.

Doing Mathematics with your Child, Kindergarten to Grade 6 – A Parent Guide
Lots of fun everyday activities organized by curriculum strand, K to 3 and 4 to 6. Also links to TVO games and activities.

Supporting Your Child's Success in French Immersion and Extended French, Elementary Schools – A Parent Guide
Provides practical suggestions for simple, everyday things that parents can do at home to enhance their child's learning in both French Immersion and Extended French.

Supporting Your Child's Learning
A webcast designed to provide ideas to support your child's learning

Student-led conferences
A webcast about how student-led conferences can strengthen the relationship between home and school and bring students and parents closer together


Combined Grades: Strategies to Reach a Range of Learners in Kindergarten to Grade 6
This resource document provides literacy and numeracy strategies to support teachers and administrators in the successful management of combined grades classes in kindergarten to Grade 6.

Making it Happen (PDF, 5.06 MB)
A report about the early progress of the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat.

Solidifying Our Leadership Alliance: Leadership Support Letter (PDF, 169 KB)
This series supports the work of supervisory officers in their role as instructional leaders, who are helping to raise the bar and close the achievement gap for all students.