Literacy and Numeracy Strategy

A Solid Foundation

A solid foundation in literacy and numeracy gives students the widest range of choices in school and beyond. When students develop strong reading, writing and math skills early in life, they are less likely to get discouraged and drop out of school later.

That's why the Ontario government is committed to helping students improve their reading, writing and math skills. Our goal is to have 75% of Grade 6 students reaching the provincial standard in reading, writing and math. And we are committed to giving students the resources and supports they need to reach that goal.

The Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat

The Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat was established in 2004 to help boost student achievement. Highly skilled and experienced educators (known as student achievement officers) work directly with schools and school boards across the province to build capacity and implement strategies to improve our students' reading, writing and math skills. These efforts include:

  • working with school boards to set ambitious student achievement goals at the system and school levels
  • working with school boards to identify ways to improve student achievement and to provide the resources – such as funding for special projects – necessary to doing so
  • providing professional learning opportunities to teachers, principals and other educators
  • sharing research on effective teaching
  • building partnerships with principals' councils, teachers' federations, faculties of education and other organizations
  • sharing successful practices within and across school boards
  • providing funding to boards to hire tutors who work under the direction of classroom teachers to reinforce previously taught concepts and skills

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