Legalization of Recreational Cannabis

As the government gets ready for the federal legalization of recreational cannabis, parents/guardians and educators may have questions about the steps Ontario is taking to protect children and youth, the impact this may have on schools and what information and supports are available to parents/guardians and students.

Rules for Minimum Age

In December 2017, Ontario passed legislation that establishes rules for the lawful use, sale and distribution of recreational cannabis.

The new law sets a minimum age of 19 to use, buy, possess and cultivate cannabis in Ontario. This is the same as the minimum age for tobacco and alcohol sales.

Even though recreational cannabis will be legal for adults, 19 and older, it will still be prohibited in schools.

Working to protect youth

The Ministry of Education is working collaboratively with community partners and other ministries across government to prevent and/or delay cannabis use among youth, promote healthy decision-making and ensure student safety.

Resources for educators

Cannabis Information for Educators (PDF, 309 KB)

Information on suspension/expulsion, reporting and responding to incidents, code of conduct and more at

Information about the elementary and secondary curriculum

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Resources for parents

Legalization of Recreational Cannabis – Information and resources for parents