Healthy Schools: Recognition Program


Healthy Schools Recognition Program

Schools are encouraged to apply either

through the paper-based process

What is the recognition program?

The Healthy Schools Recognition Program promotes and celebrates healthy behaviours and practices in Ontario's schools. Schools commit to take on a healthy activity in their school – and receive recognition for it. Schools can start a new activity or build on an existing one.

The Premier and the Ministers of Education and Health and Long-Term Care will recognize participating schools with a certificate and pennant. A list of participating schools will also be posted on the Ministry of Education's website.

Who is the program for?

All publicly funded elementary and secondary schools in Ontario are encouraged to participate.

Why participate?

Research shows that a healthy school environment supports student success. Students, teachers and the larger community benefit when children learn in a healthy school.

How do we get started?

Using the Recognition Program Acceptance Form (PDF, 376 KB) as a guide, the school principal, students, school council and school staff are encouraged to work together to identify at least one healthy activity. Schools can start a new activity or build on an existing one. (Schools are encouraged to work with community partners.)

Use the Foundations for a Healthy School framework (PDF, 69 KB) for ideas to help get you started.

Check out Six Steps For a Healthier School which will guide you through the process you should follow to establish activities that will strengthen your school's commitment to health and student well-being.

How do we apply?

Schools need to complete the Healthy Schools Recognition Program Acceptance Form. (PDF, 351 KB)

Where can I look for ideas?

There are many tools on the website to help you, including:

Provincial and local organizations – such as public health units – may also be able to assist schools.

If you have any questions please contact