Getting Results

Ontario's Graduation Rate

Ontario’s strong graduation rate and the overall gains that have been made highlight the hard work of students, educators and the support of their families.

In 2017, the five-year graduation rate was 86.3 per cent, and the four-year graduation rate was 79.8 per cent.

The Ministry of Education continues to publish School Board Progress Reports on its website. This section provides a variety of achievement information for each school board, including the board’s graduation rates and the trend over three years. The goal is to ensure parents, students, teachers and school boards have access to data that can help improve student achievement.

Student Success Strategy and Programs

Transforming high school for all students is the focus of our Student Success Strategy. It gives Ontario students a greater opportunity to customize their high school experience to match their strengths, interests and career goals.

The government has been providing support and resources for students who struggle, and providing all high school students with more learning opportunities that match their aspirations for the future. Read more about our Student Success programs.