Getting Results

Ontario's Graduation Rate

More students are graduating from high school in Ontario as a result of the support from educators and Student Success programs. The province has seen a steady improvement in the number of high school graduates. In 2015, 85.5 per cent of students graduated with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) within five years of starting high school, which is more than 17 percentage points higher than the 2004 rate of 68 per cent. The percentage of students graduating within four years was 78.3 per cent, an increase of more than 22 percentage points since 2004, when it was only 56 per cent.

Tracking Progress

This graph shows the progress of Ontario's graduation rate:

The graph describes Ontario's increasing four-year and five-year graduation rates. In 2015, the five-year graduation rate surpassed 85 per cent, which is more than 17 percentage points higher than the 2004 rate of 68 per cent. The percentage of students graduating in four years exceeded 78 per cent, an increase of 22 percentage points since 2004.
Note: As of 2014, the graduation rate now uses a more accurate calculation method that now includes results for all Ontario students, rather than a subset of them.

Student Success Strategy and Programs

Transforming high school for all students is the focus of our Student Success Strategy. It gives Ontario students a greater opportunity to customize their high school experience to match their strengths, interests and career goals.

The government has been providing support and resources for students who struggle, and providing all high school students with more learning opportunities that match their aspirations for the future. Read more about our Student Success programs.


The government set an 85 per cent graduation rate target – a significant increase from the 68% of students that were graduating in 2004. This means that approximately 190,000 additional students have graduated than would have if the graduation rate remained at the 2004 level.

Board by Board Graduation Rates

Since 2015, the government has been publishing school board graduation rates from across the province. The goal is to ensure that parents, students, teachers and school boards have access to data that can help inform efforts to improve student achievement. This information is now part of the School Board Progress Reports.