Roles and Responsibilities


  • May make recommendations to the district school board or school authority respecting matters affecting the establishment, development, and delivery of special education programs and services for exceptional pupils of the board.
  • Is provided with the opportunity to participate in the annual review of the board's Special Education Plan.
  • Participates in the board's annual budget process as it relates to special education.
  • Reviews the financial statements of the board as they relate to special education.

District School Boards and/or School Authorities

  • Establish a SEAC.
  • Provide an opportunity for the SEAC to be heard by the board or a board committee, before the board or committee makes any decisions about recommendations put forward to them by the SEACs.
  • Make available the personnel and facilities that the board considers necessary for the proper functioning of the committee. This includes personnel and facilities needed to hold meetings using electronic means.
  • Provide the SEAC members and their alternates with information and orientation respecting: (a) the role of the committee and the board in relation to special education and (b) ministry and board policies relating to special education. This information should be provided within a reasonable time after a SEAC member is appointed.