Questions and Answers

What is a local association?

A local association, as defined under Regulation 464/97 is:

An association or organization of parents that operates locally within the area of jurisdiction of a board and that is affiliated with an association or organization that is not an association or organization of professional educators but that is incorporated under a federal or provincial law and operates throughout Ontario to further the interests and well-being of one or more groups of exceptional children or adults.

Can the board limit the number of local associations that are represented on the committee?
Yes, if there are more than 12 local associations wishing to be represented on the SEAC the board can limit the number to 12.

Where there are already 12 local associations represented on a SEAC, can any of these same local associations nominate members at large?
No. A board may appoint members at large to the SEAC who are not representatives of a local association, members of the board, or members of another committee of the board.

Who are members at large?

The board may appoint members at large (one or more additional members) who are not:

  • a representative of a local association;
  • trustee of the board; or
  • members of another board committee.

Should the association nominate an alternate?
Yes. A local association should nominate an alternate representative.

As an alternate, how can I get better informed and prepared for my role?
You can prepare for your role on the SEAC by:

  • participating in the board's orientation session for SEAC members;
  • attending SEAC and board meetings as an observer; and/or,
  • attending SEAC meetings as an alternate when requested to do so by the local association member.

What questions should I be asking school board trustees or administrators in order to fulfil my duties as a SEAC member?
The following are some questions you might ask school board trustees or administrators:

  • How does the school board provide the SEAC with financial statements, information, and training that help members understand how the board allocates funding for special education programs and services?
  • What procedures does the board have in place to ensure that SEAC is provided with the opportunity to participate in: the review of the board's special education plan, the budget process as it relates to special education and the review of the board financial statements as the statements relate to the provision of special education programs and services (see s. 12 of O.Reg 464/97).