Policy/Program Memoranda Concerning Special Education

Many policy directives to school boards from the ministry have been issued in the form of numbered policy/program memoranda (PPMs). Some of these PPMs concern special education.

  • PPM 1 advises that the Provincial Schools for the blind and deaf are mandated to provide appropriate services to school boards.
  • PPM 8 concerns provisions for the education for students with learning disabilities. (PDF, 74 KB)
  • PPM 11 concerns the requirement for early identification of children’s learning needs.
  • PPM 59 concerns psychological testing and assessment of students.
  • PPM 76C concerns alternative educational programs and services for deaf, blind and deaf-blind exceptional pupils.
  • PPM 81 concerns the provision of health support services in school settings. This memorandum has been supplemented by two other documents:
  • PPM 127 concerns the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test and the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course in English-Language secondary schools – accomodations, deferrals and exemptions. It also addresses the accomodations for students with special needs.
  • PPM 140: Incorporating methods of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) into programs for students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
  • PPM 156: Supporting Transitions For Students With Special Education Needs (PDF, 43 KB)