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Learning for All – A Guide to Effective Assessment and Instruction for All Students, Kindergarten to Grade 12, 2013

Learning for All, K – 12 (2013) is a resource guide that builds on the guiding principles outlined in Education for All: The Report of the Expert Panel on Literacy and Numeracy Instruction for Students With Special Education Needs, Kindergarten to Grade 6 (2005). This resource is designed to share information with educators about evidence-based and research-informed educational approaches including Assessment for Learning, Universal Design for Learning, Differentiated Instruction, and the Tiered Approach. It describes an integrated process of assessment and instruction and presents planning tools (class and student profiles) that support the learning of all students from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

The complete document is available as a PDF (2.78 MB)

Learning for All K-12 Regional Project Reports (2010-2014)

Disclaimer: The Ministry does not endorse any services and/or products identified in the resources provided by the school boards. Any views expressed in the resources are the views of the school boards that provided the resources and do not necessarily reflect those of the Ministry.

In the 2010-14 school years, the Ministry continued to provide funds to all school boards to support their participation in the regional Learning for All K-12 professional learning activities. Eighteen lead school boards across the province continued to coordinate regional professional learning and developed resources to support knowledge mobilization and the use of the draft resource document. The following Learning for All K-12 Regional Project Reports outline the professional learning activities that took place in school boards across the province in 2010-14, highlight effective practices and resources developed during this period.