Minister's Advisory Council on Special Education

The Minister's Advisory Council on Special Education advises the Minister of Education on any matter related to the establishment and provision of special education programs and services for students with special needs, including the identification and provision of early intervention programs

In particular, the Council:

  • responds to proposals or positions of the Ministry of Education or other ministries, as submitted to the Council from time to time
  • identifies concerns in the delivery of special education programs and services for students with special needs and provides information, advice, and recommendations for ministry consideration;
  • submits an annual report that includes the following:
    • the Council's priorities and a plan for achieving them;
    • an analysis of the achievement of the previous year's priorities;
    • recommendations to the minister
  • meets up to three times a year for a maximum of 4 ½ days per year allowing for three meetings of 1 ½ days each.

The current membership consists of 20 voting and 4 non-voting members. Members represent either an exceptionality (e.g., developmental disabilities or giftedness) or a profession (e.g., teachers or social workers). Two members are cross-appointed to represent the Catholic Community and two others the French Language Community. There is also a representative for students/youth, and a member to represent the Native Community. The four non-voting members represent the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, the Ministry of Community and Social Services, the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, and the Ministry of Children and Youth Services. All Council members are appointed by the Minister of Education.

The Council meets each year in February, June, and October. The Council also has a number of active subcommittees that explore specific issues and bring recommendations to the Council meetings.

Inquiries concerning the Minister's Advisory Council on Special Education or requests for copies of Council meeting minutes should be addressed to the Council Secretary at: