Early Reading Strategy

The Report of the Expert Panel on Early Reading in Ontario, 2003


The goal of Ontario's Early Reading Strategy is to raise the level of reading achievement in Ontario classrooms. The strategy focuses on the reading skills of children from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 3. Research indicates that a solid foundation in reading is essential for future learning in school, and that schools can improve student achievement in later grades by improving reading skills in the early years.

The Ministry of Education convened the Early Reading Panel to advise teachers, principals, and educational leaders on ways to ensure that students of whatever background or aptitude become effective readers. The panel concluded that the key to accomplishing this challenging but achievable goal is focused and effective classroom instruction delivered by skilled and motivated teachers.

Good teaching does not happen in isolation. Teachers have the greatest long-term impact on their students when they work together with their fellow teachers, resource staff, school administrators, and the school board to set and achieve goals for their students, and when they involve parents and other community partners in the learning process.

This report is one important component of the Ontario Early Reading Strategy. Other components based on this report include a technical guide detailing practical applications for classroom instruction, e-learning modules for online learning for all JK-Grade 3 teachers and for administrators, as well as training for lead teachers and principals.

The time is right to consolidate the lessons learned from the convergence of research and classroom practice into a consistent framework for reading instruction that will raise the overall level of reading achievement in Ontario schools. For the sake of all children, the time for reading is now.