French-Language Education in Ontario

Resources for parents

Frequently asked questions

1. Can my child receive a French-language education if he or she does not know any French?

Yes. Non-rights holders can submit an application for admission to a French-language school. This request is reviewed by an admission committee according to a process determined by the school board.

French-language schools welcome newcomers who speak neither of Canada's official languages. Special measures are implemented by school boards to assist both the learner and his or her family to better integrate into the community and ensure that the student meets with success at school.

2. How does the French-language curriculum in Ontario schools differ from the English-language curriculum?

Students in French-language schools learn from the same Ontario curriculum as their counterparts in the English-language school system. The only difference is that students in French-language schools learn the curriculum in French, and in a French cultural setting. English taught in French-language schools from elementary school to Grade 12 follows the same curriculum as the one delivered in English-language schools.

3. Do students speak any English at all during the day at a French-language school?

Yes. Students from French-language schools are taught English from early elementary school to Grade 12. Students are immersed in an English environment – everywhere except in schools offering a French-language education. Most speak English before even enrolling in a French-language school. In fact, many rights holders speak a language other than French at home. All students from the French-language system graduate with high levels of competency in both French and English.

4. Can attending a French-language school affect a student's likelihood of being accepted into an English-language university?

French-language school students can apply to French-language, English-language or bilingual post-secondary institutions and training programs.

More information for parents who have an interest in the French-language education system in Ontario

  • TFO: La télévision franco-ontarienne offers a wealth of educational multimedia resources to children attending French-language schools.
  • Parents Partenaires en Éducation (PPE)
    This site is designed to help parents connect. PPE regularly organizes interactive forums in various parts of the province in which all parents of children attending a French-language school in Ontario are invited to participate. On the PPE website, parents can access or order numerous resources and guides and information on a variety of topics such as intake and accompaniment for families new to the French-language schools or the challenges of raising children in a bilingual home.