Who We Are

Organization Chart

More than 1900 people work for the Ministry of Education during the school year*. Divisions within the ministry are:

  • Capital & Business Support
  • Communications Branch (part of the Deputy Minister's Office)
  • Community Services I&IT Cluster
  • Corporate Management and Services
  • Early Years & Child Care
  • Education Equity Secretariat
  • Education Labour and Finance
  • French Language Teaching, Learning and Achievement
  • Indigenous Education & Well Being
  • Student Achievement
  • Student Support & Field Services
  • System Planning, Research & Innovation

The ministry also oversees the following agencies, boards and commissions:

*Includes part-time employees and staff at provincial schools.

What We Do

  • Develop policy and programs to support child care and early years programs for children and families.
  • Make sure child care settings are safe and follow the law by funding, licensing and inspecting licensed child care providers.
  • Fund and provide guidelines for the delivery of core services at EarlyON child and family centres.
  • Fund and oversee publicly funded elementary and secondary school education.
  • Develop and publish curriculum documents and teaching resources for Kindergarten to Grade 12.
  • Set provincial standards and guidelines for all assessment, evaluation and reporting for all students who attend public or private schools in Ontario.
  • Oversees and sets policies for the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO), which administers provincial assessments to help improve student learning in reading, writing and math.
  • Set requirements for student diplomas and certificates.
  • Provide funding to build new schools and expand, retrofit or repair existing schools.
  • Operate schools for blind, deaf and deafblind students.
  • Register and inspect private schools that offer credits toward an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).