A Message from Minister Hunter

This document was published under a previous government and is available for archival and research purposes.

Ensuring equity is essential for improving student achievement and promoting student and staff well-being. This is why Ontario’s Education Equity Action Plan is so important to the future of Ontario’s students.

All students deserve to have every opportunity to reach their full potential and succeed personally and academically, with access to rich learning experiences that provide a strong foundation of confidence that continues throughout their lives. Schools should be safe and welcoming places where all students have the tools they need to achieve success and follow their chosen pathways to life after graduation including work, college, apprenticeship or university.

Ontario’s Education Equity Action Plan is a clear and robust blueprint that outlines how we will identify and eliminate persistent inequities in the education system. Together with our renewed focus on achievement and well-being, Ontario’s publicly funded education system will be fairer and more inclusive for all students, educators and staff, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, or any other factor related to individual identity.

Ontario’s path to equity has been supported by the contributions of thousands of remarkable educators, students and parents. It will continue to benefit from the passion and dedication of everyone in the publicly funded education system. Our past experience has shown us that when we focus on a specific goal with deliberate intent, we have greater success in achieving our collective objectives.

I know our pursuit of equity and the protection of human rights is achievable, and I am pleased to work collaboratively with our education leaders to change the lives of Ontario’s students for the better.

The Honourable Mitzie Hunter, Minister of Education
October 2017