Aboriginal Perspectives: A Guide To The Teacher's Toolkit

Teaching Resources and Strategies for Elementary and Secondary Classrooms

The Teacher's Toolkit is a new collection of electronic resources from the Ministry of Education to help elementary and secondary teachers bring Aboriginal perspectives into their classrooms.

This document is available in PDF format. (237 KB)

Ontario's revised curriculum has provided teachers with many new opportunities to enrich teaching and learning in Ontario schools through the introduction of Aboriginal themes, topics and perspectives.

The Teacher's Toolkit has been developed to provide Ontario teachers with the support they need to bring Aboriginal perspectives to life in the classroom. Here's how:

Part I: Great ideas for teaching and learning

As part of the curriculum review process, expectations are being incorporated into many areas of the elementary and secondary curriculum to help teachers bring First Nation, Métis and Inuit histories, cultures and perspectives into the classroom. These documents provide teachers with a handy reference to those expectations contained in revised curricula released as of November, 2007.

Part II: Practical teaching strategies

This series provides teachers with professionally developed teaching strategies created by experts from across Ontario. Each strategy is designed to address one or more curriculum expectations, and many incorporate effective cross-curricular connections. Learn more, and download these resources here: