Parents Reaching Out Grants

Parent and child

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Ontario's Parents Reaching Out Grants encourage parent engagement at the local, regional and provincial levels.

Ontario's Math Strategy:

Dedicating $60 million for renewed math strategy


The Future of Experiential Learning in Ontario

Provincial and Demonstration
Schools Consultation:

Consulting with students, parents and education partners

2015 Health and Physical Education Curriculum


Renewed Vision for Education in Ontario

Achieving Excellence: A Renewed Vision for Education in Ontario.
Learn more about Ontario's renewed education goals.

Find information about schools

Find information about schools
Search for any publicly funded school in Ontario and learn more.

Ontario Curriculum

Curriculum and other policy documents spanning kindergarten to Grade 12. The achievement charts provide guidelines for assessing students' work.

Resources for Financial Literacy for Grades 4-12 are available for educators and for parents.

Major Programs and Initiatives

Healthy Schools

Healthy Schools

Good food, daily physical activity and a healthy environment that supports learning and growth are vital to helping students reach their full potential.

Safe and Accepting Schools

Safe and Accepting Schools

Safe and Accepting Schools are a prerequisite for student success and academic achievement.


Special Education

Special education programs and services to help all students benefit from their school experience.