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Seat Reservation System

One-stop Shopping for e-Learning

E-Learning Ontario's provincial Seat Reservation System (SRS) allows provincially funded school boards, school authorities and demonstration schools to locate e-learning courses for their students. The SRS offers participants in the provincial e-learning strategy, using the provincial Learning Management System (LMS), an effective strategy to address issues arising from course unavailability and timetable conflicts.

SRS Highlights

  • Allows school boards to post extra seats or search available seats for e-learning courses offered by other school boards through the provincial LMS.
  • Applies to all e-learning courses offered by school boards as part of day school, continuing education, and night and summer school programs.
  • School boards not offering e-learning courses may use the system to find e-learning courses offered by other school boards across Ontario.
  • Delivering school boards have the right to decline reservations from any requesting school board.
  • Delivering school boards charge a course-sharing fee to requesting school boards, as determined yearly by e-Learning Ontario.
  • A tutorial video is available on the SRS website to guide users. Help files and e-Learning Ontario assistance are also made available, as needed.

SRS Requirements

  • Once extra seats for a given course are posted on the system, the delivering school board/school commits to not remove or cancel the course.
  • School boards/schools posting more than 15 available seats for a given e-learning course may be required by the Ministry of Education to explain the posting of a course with low enrolment.
  • The student's home school must complete and provide the necessary documentation to the delivering school within 48 hours of reserving a seat. Otherwise, the reservation and student enrolment will not be confirmed.
  • The home school must report the enrolment of all e-learning students on the appropriate register, regardless of the delivering school.
  • The delivering school board/school is not to place students registered with other school boards on any funding register.