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Students and Parents

Through e-Learning Ontario, online courses and resources are available to secondary and elementary students, providing them with more opportunities to succeed. E-learning allows them to customize learning plans to fit their education goals.

As they work towards graduation, high school students can:

  • Select from a wide variety of high-quality online courses through the provincial Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Access thousands of resources including videos, activities, maps, and interactive multimedia objects in a variety of formats through the Ontario Educational Resource Bank (OERB).
  • Get real-time online math tutoring with Homework Help (for students in Grades 7 to 10).
  • Recover course credits they need for graduation.
  • Access course material when they are away or sick.
  • Reduce timetable conflicts.
  • Practice new skills online and prepare for tests and exams.
  • Enhance their knowledge of and comfort with online tools and technology.

Younger students can also increase their comfort level with technology and improve their oral, reading, writing, and math skills through the Ontario Educational Resource Bank.

Parents have peace of mind knowing that:

  • Courses offered through the Learning Management System are developed and mediated by qualified Ontario teachers.
  • Most resources accessible through the Ontario Educational Resource Bank meet Ontario curriculum expectations.
  • Dedicated e-learning teachers interact with students as often as required online, and consistently monitor their progress.
  • They can support their younger children's learning at home through the OERB.