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Nadia Tolomeo, Classroom Math Teacher: One method is more efficient than the other — so what we want to do — we want to make sure that we're always using the most suitable, most efficient method to solve.

Daniel Mariella, Student: There are some questions in homework that no matter how hard you try or how much you review the lesson, they're a little hard to do. I was doing my homework, I had a little bit of trouble doing a question and my mom suggested using ILC (homework help). At the time, this was last year, I didn't know what it was… I went on the website, it was very useful and it's ridiculously easy to use — and it's free!

Sandra Tigani, ILC Online Tutor: What students do is they come into my chatroom, and they come in with a homework question and then I will prompt them and direct them into the correct answer. I don't give them the answer so when they do have the time, from their own home, they can just access a certified teacher and get that one on one help that they need.

Nadia Tolomeo, Classroom Math Teacher: In class, they may not want to ask a question in front of the entire class, maybe centred out, or they may feel embarrassed for some reason.

Daniel always participates a lot so I think too when he knows his answers are correct, then he's more willing to participate and make sure he really understands the concepts.

This homework help is great because it allows students to just go online, they can ask any questions they want and they can be anonymous the entire time.

Daniel Mariella, Student: I feel like I'm a better student actually. It's for everyone. It's not just for students who are struggling. It's for everyone.

Nadia Tolomeo, Classroom Math Teacher: Any questions?