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e-Community Ontario

Online Collaborative and Professional Development Site

The e-Community Ontario website is an exciting collaborative environment for Ontario teachers, where they can communicate and share insights on a variety of professional learning topics with colleagues across the province.

Teachers participating in e-Community Ontario can:

  • Share their ideas, practices, and experiences on how to best integrate e-learning into their class content.
  • Seek their colleagues' input on how to complement their teaching with new and innovative ideas.
  • Discuss best practices.
  • Participate in professional development seminars and initiatives.
  • Access white papers, research, and professional development support materials through webcasts and other media.
  • Store files and share them with other community participants.
  • Access web links specific to e-learning initiatives in Ontario and other jurisdictions.
  • Create their own blogs and web pages, with no HTML coding required.
  • Benefit from a number of other useful tools such as threaded discussions, chats, journal, and more.

How to get involved?

Teachers need to complete the self-registration application available on the e-Community Ontario website, from the home page. An e-mail notification with account details will follow once a community moderator has approved the application.

Participants interested in beginning and leading a community on a specific topic need to complete the e-Community Ontario Proposal form available on the e-Community Ontario website, from the home page.