Administrative Matters


An insurance policy must be maintained in full force and effect and must include comprehensive general liability coverage and personal injury coverage for employees and volunteers as well as motor vehicle coverage for all vehicles owned by the licensee.

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Section 71 of Ontario Regulation 137/15 - General

Records re children

Up-to-date records must be kept and available for inspection at the child care premises/home child care agency for:

  • An application for enrolment signed by a parent of the child
  • Name, date of birth, and home address of each child
  • Names, home addresses, and telephone numbers of the parents of the child
  • Address and phone number of the parent of a child for emergencies
  • Names of persons to whom the child may be released
  • Date the child started in child care
  • Date the child left child care
  • The child's previous history of communicable diseases, conditions requiring medical attention and, immunization or required form as to why the child is not immunized if the child is not in school.
  • Any symptoms of ill health
  • A copy of any individualized plan
  • Written instructions signed by the child's parent for any medical treatment or drug or medication while the child receives care.
  • Written instructions signed by the child's parent about any special requirements for diet, rest, or physical activity.
  • A copy of any written recommendation from a child's physician regarding the placement of a child for sleep, where applicable.

A daily record of each child in attendance at the child care centre or home child care premises (more information for home child care agencies is available here: What Home Child Care Agencies & Providers Need to Know for Agency Affiliated and Privately Placed Children must be kept, showing what time the child arrived and left or if the child was absent.

Records must be kept for at least three years from the date the child leaves child care.

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Sample Form

Attendance Log


Section 72 of Ontario Regulation 137/15 – General

Waiting Lists

Licensees may not charge or collect a fee or deposit to place a child on a waiting list for admission to a child care centre or home child care agency.

Every licensee with a waiting list must develop written policies and procedures that explain in what order children are offered admission. The waiting list will be made available in a manner that maintains confidentiality of the children but that allows parents to see where their child is on the list.

Sample Form


Section 75.1 of Ontario Regulation 137/15 - General