Curriculum Council

What is the Curriculum Council?
The Curriculum Council is a group of knowledgeable, committed community leaders and education experts who were first brought together in March 2007 to advise the Minister of Education. They provide strategic policy advice on the elementary and secondary curriculum.

The council reviews a wide range of topics at the request of the minister and may be supported by a working group of experts on selected topics.

What has the council previously reviewed?
In the past the Council has provided advice on environmental education, the elementary curriculum and financial literacy.

How are the members of the council selected?
The Minister of Education appoints the chair of the Curriculum Council. The Minister, in consultation with the chair, appoints the members of the council, who are representatives of the English-language and French-language education communities.

How long is the term of office for the members of the council?
Members of the Curriculum Council serve a two-year term. As required, there may be opportunities for limited extension of a member's term.

Has the Curriculum Council incurred any travel, meal or hospitality expenses?
To date, the Curriculum Council has incurred the following travel, meal or hospitality expenses: