Think, Feel, Act: Lessons from research about young children


Self-regulation, the ability to deal with and recover from stress, lays a foundation for long-term physical, psychological, behavioral and educational well-being. Watch the following video clips and read the research brief to reflect on your practices and think about what you can do enhance children's growing ability to self-regulate.

Read: Calm, Alert and Happy by Dr. Stuart Shanker

For optimal viewing, enlarge the video clips and click on "CC" to view the subtitles. Please note that some clips are in English and some are in French, and subtitles are available for all clips.


What is it?

Enhancing children's self-awareness

Impacts of stress

Supportive environments

On your own or with others, use these questions as a starting point for thinking about your everyday experiences and practices:

  • How can I create a more self-regulating environment for all who use the space?
  • What am I noticing about children's varied strategies and attempts to regulate their behavior, emotions, attention and physiological states?
  • What can I do to support children's self-regulation?

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