What Parents Need To Know – Before-and-After School Programs (Kindergarten – Grade 6)

We know that parents often rely on before-and after-school care for their children. On September 1, 2017, Ontario is expanding access to before-and-after-school programs.

School boards will be required to offer before-and-after-school programs (for children 4 to 12 years old) where there is sufficient demand from parents and families. School boards, or third party providers, can operate these programs for students ranging from kindergarten to grade 6.

What is changing?

How do school boards determine sufficient demand?

Does this mean there will be a before and after school program in my child’s school?

If there is agreement between school boards and local service system managers, can school boards take a phased approach to implementing the new requirements?

How do I find out whether there will be a before-and-after-school-program in my child’s school?

Who operates these programs? (School boards, third party providers, or someone else)

Can an after school recreation program be offered off-site?

Who works in these before-and-after-school programs? What qualifications are required for staff?

Do all the staff on-site in an authorized recreation program need to have a degree or diploma or be enrolled in a post-secondary program set out under the policies and guidelines?

Is an adult enrolled in a social services worker program considered a qualified staff person for authorized recreation programs?

What is an authorized recreational program?

What is a before- and-after-school program like?

How much does before- and-after-school care cost?

Can school boards provide subsidies to parents and families to access before- and-after-school programs?

What supports are there for before- and-after-school programs to accommodate children with special needs?

Each year, school boards will be required to tell parents certain information about before- and-after-school care. What will school boards need to disclose?

How will Ontario keep up with demand for before and after-school care?

Will the Ministry of Education keep track of which schools are offering before- and-after-school programs?

How do the Before and After School Program Requirements affect existing programs including recreation programs in my child’s school?

My 4 year old is currently in an authorized recreation program. How would the new requirement under the Child Care and Early Years Act, 2014 affect my child’s program?

Can a provider offer a recreation program after school and a nutrition program in the morning?

Is travel time (e.g. pick-up, public transportation, walking) to and from an authorized recreation program counted towards the 3 hour program limit?