Frequently asked questions

Authorized recreation programs and before & after school programs

  • What are the new rules to be an authorized recreational and skill building program?

  • What if I am a Children's Recreation Service Provider under Regulation 797 under the Ministry of Tourism and Recreation Act?

  • How do I contact my local service system manager to be an Authorized Recreation Program?

  • As of September 2016, will recreation programs be permitted to accept 4 and 5 year olds?

  • Can you provide a link or list of programs operated by an agency or attraction of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport?

  • Can you provide a link or list of multi-sport programs recognized by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport?

  • Where can I find out more information about the new expanded duty for school boards to ensure before and after school programs are available from JK to grade 6?

Licensing Clarity

  • Informal child minding is often provided at schools to enable parents/guardians to attend school council meetings and other school functions. Is this permitted under the new rules?

  • Do Phase 2 Regulations prohibit camps for children under 4 years of age?

Tiered Licensing

  • Will the ministry release further information on the tiered licensing process? When will programs be advised of their assigned tier?

Age Groupings and Ratios

  • What changes are being made to age groups and adult to child ratios?

  • When will licensees be able to switch to using the new age grouping model?

  • Will licensees be able to continue to follow the existing requirements for age grouping, ratios and group size?

  • What is the family age grouping and why is this new model being made available?

Health and Safety

  • Are home child care providers who provide overnight care to children required to do visual and physical checks on sleeping children during overnight hours?

  • How does the revised regulation address children when they are sleeping?

  • What does "placed for sleep in a manner consistent with recommendations set out in the most current version of the Joint Statement on Safe Sleep: Preventing Sudden Infant Deaths in Canada" mean?

  • What changes were made to the requirements in Ontario Regulation 137/15 around immunization exemptions?

  • The regulation says "employees" in child care centres who may be counted towards ratio requirements need to have standard first aid certification. Do "duty parents" (volunteers) in co-operative child care centres still need to get standard first aid certification?

Emergency Planning

  • My child care centre is located in a publicly-funded school which already has an emergency management plan in place. Do I as the licensee need to develop a separate one?

Vulnerable Sector Checks and Offence Declarations

  • Can you please clarify what the window around the 5 year renewal requirement for Vulnerable Sectors Checks (VSCs)? Can a person obtain their new VSC months or even a year before its due? And what is the window after its expiry?

  • If a provider is not caring for any children in his/her home but is still in an agreement with a home child care agency, if she receives children 7 months later will she need a new offence declaration?

Home Child Care

  • Will the government be providing more guidelines on how a home child care agency should determine the capacity of a home child care provider?

  • How will the ministry ensure that licensed home child care agencies are providing appropriate support to home providers?

  • Were any changes made to the requirements for equipment and furnishings in home child care (licensed)?

  • What changes were made to Ontario Regulation 137/15 with regards to the use of pools, ponds, etc. in home child care locations (licensed)?

  • If a home child care provider is a qualified life guard as set out in the regulations, can s/he be the provider and the life guard or does s/he need to hire a lifeguard who is a different person?

Serious Occurrence Reporting

  • What changes did the ministry make to "serious occurrence" reporting requirements?

  • What would be the difference between an issue that gets reported through the procedure outlined in the parent handbook and something that must be reported as a serious occurrence?


  • In addition to the How Does Learning Happen? E-Module, what plans does the ministry have for future training or resources to support licensees' understanding of the links between the legislation and How Does Learning Happen?


  • How will the ministry enforce the new rules?

  • If a home child care provider contravenes the rules and cares for more children than permitted, will the home child care agency be issued an administrative penalty?

  • How will the ministry ensure the administrative penalties are issued in a fair and consistent manner across the province?